Making an Ocarina Ñiuñe (Mixtec)

Ocarina Nuiñe

Roberto Velázquez & Gonzalo Sánchez

Virtual Research Institute Tlapitzcalzin & Silbatos Zapotecos.

The ocarina Nuiñe is a Mixtec transverse ocarina that was founded at the Cerro de las Minas, Huajuapan, Oaxaca, Mexico. It has three pitch holes, one is on its button where the mouth is located and the other two are on its top. The shape of the resonator is excellent to produce sounds of high acoustic quality. The length of the ocarina is 4.7 cm and the diameter of the pitch holes is 0.6 cm.

In the "History of the Ocarina" it is said that it was invented in 1870, at Budrio, Italia, but its design exited in ancient Mexican cultures like the Mixtec, several centuries ago (350-850 a.C.).

Construction procedure

Ocarina sound (.wav)